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About Us was started in Janurary of 2006 as the newest venture of Craig Belcher and his wife Elizabeth. This dynamic duo has been working together to provide their customers with exceptional customer service since 1997. Shortly after publishing our new website we found ourselves helping a security company build their business and neglected TriCitiesEcommerce. In April of 2007 we decided to get back to our roots of Internet Marketing and have been busy blogging and getting the website into shape. (seo) So everything you see on TriCitiesEcommerce has been done in a couple of months. Otherwise our pagerank would be higher and have higher rankings in the search engines. Now that we have put our focus back into it will get higher pageranks for our pages as well as natural search engine results.


Their first venture together was in 1997. It was a local portal to news, information and entertainment in the TriCities region of NorthEast TN.


Their second venture was in 1998. offered an affiliate program software solution that could be installed on the client's servers for under a 1000.00. After servicing hundreds of clients it became clear that they needed to offer a web app that anyone could use without having to install the software on their servers. This also enabled them to offer the service to virtually anyone regardless of their clients server operating system.


That webapp is called It currently services thousands of website advertisers and publishers. Their services have tracked hundreds of millions of dollars of ecommerce since it's inception.


In the year 2001 additional partners joined their team and TrackingSoft LLC was born. TrackingSoft's aim is to serve existing clientele with a focus on ROI with new tracking tools and or services that give their clients an edge over their competition. Whether it be direct linking or cookieless tracking for their clients and affiliates, they strive to give their clients the latest tools to provide the needed analysis in order to stay ahead of their competition.


While they have decided to let their partners manage TrackingSoft and its properties, they still yearn to provide valuable resources and tools to prospective clients that are in need of their services.


Even though Affiliate Program solutions and services have been their expertise in years past, they have done a lot of work optimizing their own properties for optimal search engine performance.


Which leads them to They will be offering a number of services that will help their clients gain better search engine rankings as well as a number of other services such as custom programming when the need arises.


Search Engine Optimization is crucial in today's Internet. Maybe someday search engines will not be relied on as heavy as they are now but until then if you want to be found you had better have a plan for SEM. A balance of Organic SERP's and PPC is optimal.


The good news is that Craig and Beth can do it all. From Adsense, Yahoo and Kanoodle PPC campaign management to Organic SEO and everything in between. With 18 years of combined experience between the two they are confident they can help your company expand it's brand and reach along with exceptional customer service.