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What is

TriCities Ecommerce is a collaborative effort of Internet Marketing Professionals and Companies located in the TriCities. These companies range from small to large businesses and are actively engaged in promoting their products, services and brands on the Internet.


Some of these companies have been online for years while others are just beginning their quest.



Being located in a rural section of the SouthEast these companies and professionals unsterstand the importance of educating the cititzens, lawmakers and our next generation just how important it is to learn and educate others the benefits of utilizing the internet to it's fulliest potential.


Years ago everyone thought that the internet would be just a fad and all the internet hype would die down in a few years after the newness wore off.


Since then there has been billions of ecommerce sales and it those revenues keep growing a record pace. We all know now that the internet is not a fad and if we want to take advantage of the benefits of using the internet to increase our sales and brand then we need to start learning and teaching others as much as we can about the internet.


This is also something I have personally wanted to do for years and haven't had the time to put into it because of the full time job of growing an Internet software company for the past 9 years.


We did not target businesses locally to advertise our services to due to the complexity of the affiliate tracking software that we was offering. We knew that it would be to much of a hurdle to first educate buinesses of our software and services before marketing to them.


What will you find here?

You will find rss news feeds, articles, examples cocerning ecommerce and how best to use new technologies to increase your presence online. There will be a blog as well as guest commentry from companies and individuals that are conducting business online on a daily basis.


Want to be part of

That would be great because we want you to be a part of this effort as well.


How can you help?

List your products or services in our online directory area merchants. Contibute guest commentrary or news articles. Attend a monthly meeting we hold. Drop us a line and tell us how you like to help or what you like to see become a part of