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From: Craig Belcher

Dear Friend,

Have you spent hours upon hours in your internet marketing research:
  • To find out that the techniques a lot of people are using are really time consuming.
  • no matter how much research you conduct or new techniques you read about; it seems like it is just way to much information to comprehend.

  • It is not as easy as some would make you believe
  • depending on the products or services you are selling, you could be competing with a company that has a large staff with many years of experience.

  • Most of the "good" keywords with a "good" amount of searches a month are already VERY competitive.
  • when you have keywords that are costing on average anywhere from $5 to $10 a click, it is hard not understand just why it is so hard to get to to the top of the search engines.

  • You have probably seen the websites promising a million visitors delivered to your website within a week for a small fee.
  • If it was that easy why isn't everyone using a service like this? One word: BANNED.

  • It's going to take a heck of a long time
  • to learn everything you need to know in order to compete. Your are competing with companies that have been doing this for years and you do not have time as a luxury.
I can relate to your frustrations. After already having my business online for four years I woke up one day to see another competitor out ranking me on the search engines for the keywords that were directly related to the services my company was offering.

In addition to that and to pour additional salt on my wound, I found out that this company was under a year old. I was dumbfounded. How was a less than one year company with infurior features than ours and less of a reputation out rank us on our main service?!?!

There I was with 6 employees and with the prospect of losing additional clients, a decrease in sales as well as loosing our #1 ranking.
  • It takes SO much time to research just how well you are doing in the search engines

  • There are not enough "qaulified" optimization companies for the small and middle sized businesses.

  • It seems like no matter how hard you try it never gets you anywhere when dealing with the search engines.

About after one week of investigating we came to the realization that we were going to need to help. So we started searching for legitimate companies that we could contract to help us regain our #1 listing. We knew after the first day of searching we were in trouble. Many of the companies that were qualified to help us were already busy helping larger clients with bigger bank accounts. The companies that could help us was charging an arm and a leg and we simply couldn't afford it.

I felt responsible, so I came up with an idea. I will learn the techniques myself. I knew that it was going to take some time but I already had an advantage over the standard website owner. You see my company had created an affiliate software tracking solution some 5 years earlier. So I wasn't starting out from scratch, I already had a few years experience but I never had to DEDICATE my time to actually learning new techniques because we already had a number one ranking.

It is important to note that you should never let your guard down. The internet evolves daily. Something that was hot last week is old news this week. The same goes with the internet marketing techniques that are used. There are some basics that will never die and then there are new methods or verticals if you want to call them that, that changes yearly. For an example we are in a shift, an online social shift. What is the social shift? It is the shift to a social regulated media rather than the corporate regulated view that has been pushed upon us for who knows how long? Let me give you a couple of examples...

  • A couple of examples of social regulation in shopping would be ebay and both are very powerful when it comes to determining the quality and price of a product online.

  • An example or two of social news is and the countless number of blogs that are online.

  • Last but not least, we have some examples of social regulated multimedia like and google video. Hence it is one of the reasons Google paid 3 billion for which by the way is only three years old.

That is the shift we are in now. Now ask yourself what are you doing to take advantage of this shift? You see during a shift there is some scrambling that occurs to get applications made, marketing plans developed and so forth to get a head start on the competition.

  • Do you know what sites are the most visited sites on the internet today?

  • More importantly do you know why you need to know about these sites and just how you can take advantage of them?

  • Do you personally have the time it takes to learn what you need to know, then create a plan and then execute that plan?

Please keep in mind the above example is only one of over a hundred ways that is used to gain a competitve advantage in the search engine ranking game. Unless it is a game you like to play, it can be very frustrating game to learn. We like it because it is what we do. Yes we could do web development or build our own properties but we have enjoyed the satisfaction of helping the small guys compete with the big boys. We are also in business to make money, who isn't? However we see a demand we can fill at and we predict that if charge fairly and produce qaulity work we will have more business than we can handle.

That is where you come into the picture. You are reading this because you have seen our advertisement somewhere or you have been referred here by a friend. If you read down to this level you are somewhat interested in how we may be able to help you. Well first off there is no "may" about it. We definitely, without a doubt, know that we can you improve your search engine popularity if you give us the chance. Even much so we are offering a guarantee that if we do not improve your popularity as well as help you understand what you should be doing in terms of internet marketing we will refund your money if you are not completely satisified.

What is the catch and why is the price so low? Well there are a few catches.

1. We will only be accepting one or two clients for each market.

2. We will only be accepting a limited number of clients at our introductory offer price.

3. The price will go up after the first 20 clients have been accepted. We will most likely include a 2 in front of the price you will be paying. Yes this same exact service will cost no less than 279.00 a month after the first 20 clients.

4. We ask that you give us a testimonial and allow us to do a case study on your company and how we have helped you increase sales by utilizing our services.

If you can accept those terms then we are in business. Well that is as long as you get into the first 20. Let me explain this again. I am a successful business owner, I know that a solid reputation and a good referral is probably the best and most cost effective way a business owner can grow his business. We will be losing money just like any other business starting up and if we are going to lose money we want it to be because we are offering 110% to our clients so that they will return for additional services in the future or refer us to their friends and family.

What is it that you will be getting?

You will get a Comprehensive SEO Report:

First we must analyze where you currently are located on search words and phrases that you are targeting. We will run a special search engine optimization report that will tell us exactly what needs to be done to get a higher ranking for the keywords you are targeting. The competitive report starts with a keyword, then pulls the top 10 listings in google for that keyword. For each site listed, various statistics are calculated including Backlinks, PageRank, Indexed Pages, and keyword occurrence.

You will get Customized Keyword Research for the keywords you are targeting:

The is the second most important service we will be performing for you. In order for your customers to find you, you need to find your customers. What are they searching for? Are they searching for a niche product that you may be offering or something more mainstream? It is extremly important to know what they are wanting to buy. There are also many keywords that are simple overlooked as popular search terms. We'll help you identify them so you can capture that traffic.

You will get a Keyword Ranking Report for the keywords you are currently targeting:

This report lets you check keyword rankings in major search engines with 10 keywords at a time. We can perform this report in two different ways. You can give us some keywords that you think your website should be concentrated with or we can simply scan your website to determine the actual density of keywords.

You will get a in depth Competitor Analysis:

You know what they say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. The same holds true in internet marketing. If your competitor is beating you in the search engine rankings then it is best to know what they are doing right so that you may incorporate it into your strategy as well.

Your account will include Submission to the Google Local Business Center:

Google has become a giant among the internet search engines. Why? Because they are the best at what they do. Consider having a your listing the Google Local Business results the same as if having a restaurant on a corner of main street or having it located on some back street five blocks away from main street. The same holds true for the internet. Location, location, location.

We will also create a coupon for your Google Local Business Center Listing:

Since you will have your own Local listing you might as well make use of it. Google offers you to the ability to offer a coupon to visitors that may be viewing your listing free of charge. Free is hard to beat.

Sitemap creation and installation for your website:

What is a sitemap and how will it help you? A sitemap is a script that will tell Google and other search engines what pages you have on your website. What pages you want them to index and what pages you may not want them to index. It will also show you how the search engines are looking at your website. You are making it easier for them to find and index the pages you want draw special attention to. It also makes it very easy to see all you inbound and outbound links.

Website visitor tracking for 4 of your most popular pages:

This is one of my favorite features. Imagine being able to visualize how visitors are interacting with your website. We can show you in a heatmap just exactly what links/sections are the most visited links/sections on your website. Cold being blue and hot being red, it doesn't take a rocket sciencetist to see what your visitors are mostly interested in when visiting your website. We track four pages for you free and can track more for an added fee. Of course you get the regular stats as well but the heatmap is so coooool :)


One search engine optimized press release a year:

This one service alone is worth the entire amount you will be paying for this service. Imagine having Google News, Yahoo News, Msn News and others linking to your optimized press release promoting specific news events. Don't get me wrong, you have to treat these releases as news releases and not sale advertisments. However there will always be something newsworthy you can talk about. Be it a new partner, product, market, store opening or anything else that is newsworthy. If done correctly it will be synicated by other sources as well. You get one free release every six months but we can provide additional releases for an extra fee.

Here is what you will get when you use TriCitieEcommerce:

  • You will save countless hours of keyword searching online.

  • You will get more visitors to your website as well as see an increase in your search engine rankings..

  • You will find out what your competitors are doing to increase their rankings.

  • You will find keywords you never would have known existed if you had only used guesswork or trial and error.

  • You will have more time on your hand since you have a professional with 10 years experience in online marketing.

Let's face it you would not hire a plumber to build that new addition. You also have enough sense not to try to pull it off yourself!

Stop trying to market your website. It isn't what you specialize in and you can get better results by utilizing a company that knows what they are doing. I gaurantee that I give you a better idea of what you need to be doing. What keywords you need to be targeting as well as what you need to be doing to rank higher than your competition.
  1. Proceed to the checkout page and pick your package. After payment has been received we will then send you an email with additional instructions.
  2. The email will include some general questions about your website and what type of customer/traffic you are targeting.
  3. Submit the form and then sit back relax knowing that in a short while we be hard at work determining exactly what you need to do to make your website more profitable.
Think about it. It is like having your own personal internet marketing professional on your payroll for only 50.00 a month!! If you can find a better deal anywhere please let me know. I want to use them.

  1. I Am Going To Guarantee Your Results! We guarantee that if you give us the chance we will at least improve your search engine popoularity as well as give you a better understanding of what you should be doing to increase your traffic If within 90 days of using TriCitiesEcommerce, you do not see an improvement in your rankings as well understand the keywords you should be targeting, we will free of charge help you make a new selection of keywords, absolutely free. This investment for your website works, believe me, we can not afford the service to fail with a guarantee like this!

  2. I am taking $20 off our monthly price right now for your purchase. Our regular price is $79.95 for the first 6 months, then you will receive an offer to extend your account an additional 6 months. Today I am discounting the $79.95 charge to only $59.95!

If you're still not sure about doing this,
consider the following:

  • How much money are you losing each week not knowing what your consumers are searching for? How does that amount of money compare to the relatively small sum it takes to quickly and easily get the professional help you need NOW? If you understand what your shoppers are searching for 30 days sooner using this service, you could earn thousands in more sales this year because of it!
  • What will happen to you financially if 30 days from now you still have not taken the step to increase your website traffic? What will happen 60 days from now? You are definitely not going to see an increase in sales.

  • Proactively marketing your website is the most successful methods of getting results online!

If you're tired of spending hours and hours of trying to understand what works and what doesn't then proceed the checkout today.

First choose your payment, then look for the additional instructions via email. Once you follow the instructions it will give us the information we need to get started. The faster you order the faster we can help you so don't delay.

The price you will be paying is less than a cup a coffee a day. If you could pay someone a cup of coffee a day to help you increase your sales as well as search engine rankings wouldn't you do it?

We look forward to working with you,


Craig Belcher

P.S. Remember, over 50% of a website's traffic comes from search engines.

P.P.S. Without knowing what your customers are searching for, you will never know what keywords you need to be targeting.

P.P.P.S. The longer you put it off the longer it will take you to understand. The internet is not a fad and isn't going to go away. It will evolve without a doubt and it will eventually be even more complex than it is now. Each year the amount of money spent on internet advertising increases. Why? That is where the market is. You can easily define your target market and reach them more effectively than that of any other medium. Done right you can determine exactly the amount you want to pay in order to make a sale. There is not another advertising medium in the world that gives you that capability. Let us help you take advantage of that.

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