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Real Estate Internet Marketing


Looking for a real estate internet marketing solution? Look no further, you have found the right resource.


First off this isn't a real estate internet marketing solution. What we will be doing is evaluating your current situation and determining what we can do to improve your chances for a higher natural ranking for real estate related search terms that you are or should be targeting.


To get started we need to understand what people are searching for. In some cases the search for real estate in a certain city will be more popular than a search on the city itself. Let's test a city and see what we get.


1. Head over to our Real Estate Internet Marketing Solution and try a search on Johnson City.

2. Notice the results, Johnson City Real Estate is the number one result while Johnson City is in the third position.


Now this isn't always the case. For example a search for Kingpsort shows that the most searched phrase is Kingsport Times News followed by Kingsport and then Kingsport Real estate. Real estate is still in the top 3 search terms though and this sceniro will hold true for 95% of all US cities. Try testing your city to see how popular real estate searches are in your locale. Chances are the "city name" real estate search term is in the top three.


Now that we know what people are searching for let's see how well we rank for the term. Do a search on Google that will display the top 100 results for the terms you are targeting. Once the search is complete hit ctrl+f at the same time to search the contents of the page for your domain or you can just scroll down the page looking for it. If you are not in the top 30 then your likely losing a lot of traffic due to poor search engine marketing or optimization.


What are the reasons for the poor performance? There are a number of reasons and I will just touch on a few them.


1. The title and description of the page are not optimized for the search query you are targeting.


2. You have a incorrect density of keywords on your page you are trying to get ranked.


3. You are not using proper anchor text in any of the links that you using to direct traffic to the page.


4. You might not have enough external links pointing to that page. (other websites linking to the page with the proper anchor text you need to use)


Now you may or may not have understood what I just explained but the question you need to answer is do I have time to do this myself or should I let someone help me that knows what they are doing. Most people do not try to fix their own cars nor do they try to build additions onto their houses. The same goes for Internet Marketing. You should hire a professional to do the job for you so that you can concentrate on selling more houses and making more money. Internet marketing is not a technique you can learn overnight. I have been doing it now for 10 years and continue to learn something new everyday. If you need help please contact us. We are very easy to work with as well as affordable.